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September 13 and 23, 2021
April 6-8, 2022

16th IARTEM Conference

IARTEM, INDIRE and IUL are pleased to announce that the 16th International Conference on Textbooks and Educational Media will take place in Florence on 6–8 April 2022

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Florence, 6-8 April 2022

Disciplinary and trans-disciplinary knowledge and skills for an uncertain future: Are educational media up to it?

The programme of the Conference includes plenary talks, as well as numerous round tables and workshops. Keynote speakers invited to plenary sessions are world-renowned scholars Gert Biesta, Anne Mangen and Gino Roncaglia.

The key theme of the Conference are educational media in general (textbooks and other digital resources) analysed from sociological, pedagogical, didactic, historical and economic perspectives.

The Conference will be an opportunity to discuss research works investigating good practices in the use of textbooks and digital resources. The focus will be given to innovative teaching methodologies, in-depth disciplinary studies, quality analysis of textbooks and digital resources, as well as to other topics: inclusiveness, gender issues, production and diffusion of textbooks and digital resources in different countries.








Conference details

IARTEM’s first Virtual Rendez-vous: September 2021

The IARTEM Webinars are a platform for specialists in education and materials to reflect broadly on their specialisation. The audience is not only the research community who attend the biannual IARTEM conference but also those who work in educational and publishing fields in different countries.

Key questions for speakers are: What principles have shaped your thinking in the field of educational media, how has your thinking changed over the years, and what led to those changes?